This Advent calendar for lovers of specialty coffee contains 24 tins, each with 20 grams of coffee from one of Europe’s leading roasteries, chosen for you with the utmost care. With us, every day you will have an opportunity to try coffee from a different roastery, a different farm and a different corner of the world. As with all good Advent calendars, you won’t know what you are about to sample until the last moment. You will find basic information on the coffee behind each calendar window, printed on each tin. You can turn to our website ( for details on each selected coffee, including information on its origin and roastery and a recipe for the best way to prepare it.

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Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar 2021Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar 2021

Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar 2021

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Specialty Coffee Advent calendar for the lovers of specialty coffee. There are 24 coffees from 24 different roasteries from 12 European…