Third Wave Water CLASSIC - minerals for water treatment - 20x2 liters

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Third Wave Water products are unique sachets with accurate amounts of minerals for creating great water for brewing coffee, thanks to this your coffee will taste amazing!
This box is for preparing of 40 litres of water in total. More

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A cup of coffee is actually from more than 98 % water, so it really matters what water you are using.

Water for brewing coffee requirements are:

  • TDS (total dissolved solids) 75-250 ppm, ideally 150 ppm
  • calcium hardness 17-85 mg/L, ideally 65 mg/L
  • total alkalinity 40 mg/L
  • pH 7,0
  • sodium 10 mg/L

In the box, there are 20 sachets with minerals, each of them perfect for preparing of 2 litres of water, so together for 40 litres of great water for brewing coffee that meets SCAA water requirements!


  1. Pour the sachet into 2 litres of water with a minimum of minerals - distilled, demineralized, reverse osmosis, aqua purificata.
  2. Mix until everything is dissolved.
  3. You can start brewing! 

ATTENTION, use only water at the required quality, that you can find in pharmacy, drugstore or grocery store. Technical distilled water is not appropriate and safe for these purposes.