Kenya Kahunyo AA Washed Ruiru 11, SL28, SL34



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Sweet and tropical aromas of maracuyá, kiwi and raspberry jam. Flavors of cherry and maracuya. Sweet and silky. This lot is cultivated by smallholders in Murang’a and processed at Kahunyo washing station. Coffee is cultivated at altitudes of 1.600 – 1.800 meters above sea level. The high altitudes provide the warm days and cool nights that help nurture sweet, dense cherries. The washing station is owned and operated by Thikagiki Farmers’ Cooperative Society (FCS).

This lot is composed b SL28 and SL34 varieties, popular in the country due to their deep root structure, which allows the trees to maximize scarce water resources and flourish even without irrigation, and Riuru 11, a new variety known for its disease resistance and high yields.


Roastery Nomad Coffee
Origin Kenya
Farm/Mill/Producer Kahunyo
Processing method Washed
Variety SL28, SL34, RIURU 11
Altitude 1600–1800 m.a.s.l.
Roast profile Filter roast
Roast date 25/8/2022
Coffee beans/Capsules Coffee beans